Easy to Learn Poker Tips: Reading Your Opponent

One of the most easy to learn poker tips for beginners is this: take the time to practice reading your opponent at the table. About 70% of communication is done through body language, and it's no different while individuals are in the middle of a round of poker. Watching the others can provide valuable information that a person can use to win the game.

This is true even for those who are playing online poker. While the opportunity might not be there to watch someone's face, there are other things that can be picked up on, such as the pattern he or she uses. How often does that person bluff? Do they play loose with big hands or tight? By watching closely and picking up all the possible information, it's easier to take advantage of those things.

When you have the ability to read your opponent, you can anticipate that person's next moves. This gives a unique insight into how things are going to go, and it allows people to exploit their adversaries more easily.

For instance, those who have picked up on the fact that someone at the table bets big when he or she has nothing can immediately understand that an even semi-valuable hand will probably take the pot. They can then allow the other person to bet themselves into a hole and then take the pot.

This can be used very well in real life situations, as well. Everyone has a pattern that they tend to fall into unless they're working very hard to prevent it, and most people have tells. Also, most normal players don't have the self-control needed to be great.

They will therefore slip up at one point or another in their body language and being there to catch them is key. This gives the beginner player the opportunity to take advantage of that individual and take their money - the end goal in any poker game. Overall, learning to read your opponent is one of the most important skills a person can hone when they want to be great at this or any other multiplayer endeavor.