Playing at Blackchip Poker

Waging will never be complete without the game of poker. And due to its fame, it is only comprehensible that places where it could be played have spread out tremendously in various places, even on the net - introducing the online poker to the world. If you'd like to try and have yourself a slice of the action, then do visit Blackchip Poker.

Blackchip Poker initially belonged to the network or group of 'Merge'. But, the unreliability of the network - serving slow-paced payouts and irresponsible support from representatives, resulted in the immediate decrease of its pool of players and fast degradation of its foundation or reputation, and just as the players disappeared, it is only evident that the game must move to somewhere more trusted and reliable - the WPN or Winning poker Network. They've been under the umbrella of the said network since the month of December, year 2012.

Their joint with the said network tremendously increased their reliability - serving quick payouts and transactions, secure money transfer methods and accepting and allowing Players from the U.S to play there, giving them a firmer and stronger reputation than ever. Currently, the traffic within the site is light, but it is expected that with the passing time, its pool of players will further increase due to massive promos and tournaments they will serve their customers with.

If you're inclined to play the game, then you'll be more than happy to know that the process will not take a lot of your time. Downloading the game will be quick and if in any case that you already possess an account with WPN, then you can even skip the registration method. If you don't have any account, you can create a new one which will only be a few clicks away. You will then be redirected and introduced to the cashier where you may do your initial deposits.

The interface of the game is intuitive and easy to navigate and you will be catered with a wide set of choices of variants of the game. There are also tons of bonuses that await you as you enter their environment. 100% match-up bonus reaching up to $1,000 will warmly welcome you in your first visit, as well as over $250 rolls for free in a month. By patching up the bonus code BCPBONUS, you'll be able to attain their lucrative rewards that will surely more than satisfy your cravings for the game.

The games on the site may not be as astounding as you'd expect, but what gives it the prestigious appearance it has today is the quick transaction it offers along with a trustworthy customer service. With it, you definitely won't fail to be entertained and satisfied.