Getting A Rakeback Bonus At Bodog

Although it is not a direct rakeback, you can get a rakeback bonus from Bodog for US players that allows you to earn points for playing that are converted into cash.

Bodog is an online casino that takes money from their game pots just like any other. What is unique about them is that they allow their players to collect Bodog Poker Points, which are also referred to as PTS. There are a number of ways of gamblers to collect these credits, and whenever they want, they can convert them into money. The exchange rate for U.S. poker players is $1USD for 100 PTS. At minimum, users must convert 500 points at a time, and are limited to converting 25,000 per 30 days, meaning they can earn an extra $250 per month ($3,000 annually) at most on top of other winnings. The converted money is considered a bonus within the establishment, which means regular terms and conditions will apply, which can be read about in the establishment s terms and conditions. These bonuses can also be used to enter users into tournaments that can reward gambling with additional credits and rewards.

There are a number of ways for users to receive this bonus at Bodog. The first and most simple method is simply to sign up to the website - all new users receive 50 PTS after signing up. The second method is, of course, to add real money to a poker pot that will have rake collected (which, of course, constitutes nearly every game of poker). For contributing $0.05 - $0.20 to a given rake, players earn 0.1 credits. For adding $0.25 - $0.45, they earn 0.25, for adding $0.50 to $0.95, they receive 0.5, and for $1.00 to $3.00, they earn 1 credit. This setup that includes giving partial credit means that users are receiving the rakeback bonus on every game that they participate in with real cash. In tournaments, users receive 3 PTS for every dollar they spend in tournament fees. Unsurprisingly, most prefer to convert their earnings into cash to receive a little extra alongside their winnings.

Credits are also given for those who enjoy games for long periods of time. For every 60 minutes at one table, players are given one extra point, up to a maximum of 500 per month (though they will not accumulate while sitting out). Promotions also often allow for increased PTS gain. One such promotion doubles the points accumulated after a period of one month. Points are also often given as rewards for doing well in tournaments, especially for those who entered the tournament through PTS in the first place. The ability for gamblers to make the extra cash back from simply enjoying their pastime is an excellent result of the rakeback bonus from Bodog.